VTech: Treating Security With Contempt

In a move to take the heat off of themselves and their security-hole-ridden internet-connected devices, popular toy manufacturer, VTech, saw fit to update their T&Cs on the back of a staggeringly simple security breach. The new Terms and Conditions, which parents must agree to before they can use these toys, state: – You acknowledge and agree… Read More »

France Rejects Backdoor Bill

A bill was recently proposed by a right-wing politician in France to force hardware manufacturers to introduce backdoors into encryption enabled devices. The French government rejected the proposal though in a move similar to The Netherlands’ recent declared position on backdoors. The French deputy minister for digital affairs, Axelle Lemaire, said the Backdoor proposal is… Read More »

Trend Micro Antivirus In Remote Execution Scare

In a recent bug report the guys at the Google Security Research team found what can only be described as two glaring holes in Trend Micro’s Windows antivirus product. The product left staggeringly simple remote execution vulnerabilities through insecure APIs and also left users’ passwords open to theft by anyone! Hardly what you sign up… Read More »

Dutch Government Oppose Encryption Backdoors

In a newly published Position Paper the Dutch Government has made it clear that it has taken on board advice from cryptography experts and set its position for the world to see. In the paper, encryption is told to be “important for the confidence of people in digital products and services and for the Dutch… Read More »

Juniper Networks Hack Couldn’t Be More Topical

Juniper Networks, a major network hardware provider, recently discovered that some of their VPN equipment had been compromised with a planted backdoor. This backdoor allowed anyone with the hitherto unknown credentials to intercept and decrypt VPN traffic routed through various Juniper products. The timing of this discovery is extremely poignant given that various governments (and in… Read More »

Windows 10 WiFi Sense: A Word of Warning

By now most people will should be aware that Windows 10 enables WiFi Sense by default. This feature shares your wireless network credentials with social media friends for ease of sharing, allowing them to use your wireless network easier. However, it’s worth remembering, if you turn this feature off (as I would advise) be wary… Read More »

Windows 10’s not-so-secure encryption

Twitter user James Patrick (@jamespatrick) has been trawling through the Windows 10 terms of service and found a supposed ‘enhancement’ to Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption. As revealed in this tweet James found that Microsoft will now automatically upload your BitLocker recovery key to OneDrive for your convenience. How private that makes your encrypted data, I guess… Read More »

StageFright: A MAJOR Android Vulnerability

A major (MAJOR) vulnerability affecting up to 950 million Android devices has been discovered. The exploit requires nothing more than knowing your victim’s phone number and can be activated by sending a malicious MMS message their way. This is a big one! For more details, head to this post at ThreatPost.

LastPass hacked (again)

The popular password management solution, LastPass, has been the unfortunate victim of hacking and so are advising their users (via email and this blog post) to change their master passwords.